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From: Anthony Lynch
Date: Thursday 8:30 am


If you’re an affiliate marketer – or aspiring to be one – then you already know that email marketing is going to be one of the big keys to your success.

And that means that you’re going to be creating a whole of emails.


But here’s the thing!

A good email that gets great results doesn’t happen by accident, and it’s not something you dash out in three minutes. That’s especially true if you’re prone to writer’s block.

So, what if you outsource this task to a professional? Oh yeah, prepare to dig deep into your pockets. Email writers don’t come cheap – at least not if you want to get good results.

And that’s exactly why I created a collection of email templates…



Affiliatemails, a collection of 50 fill-in-the-blank email templates that makes it fast and easy to create all the emails you need to grow your affiliate commissions



No more struggling with trying to craft high-response emails. No more staring at a blank screen while battling writer’s block.

Instead, all you have to do is copy…paste…and tweak! And in just minutes you’ll have a professional, engaging and high-converting email written and on its way to your subscribers!


So what’s in this collection?


Let’s look...


10 General Emails

These templates cover announcement, welcome emails, and calls to action not specifically associated with an offer.

  • 1. Welcome to the List
  • 2. Thank You, Here’s Your [Freemium/Bonus/Etc.]
  • 3. Announcement Email
  • 4. Register for This Webinar
  • 5. Join This Contest
  • 6. Market Research Email
  • 7. Feedback Email
  • 8. Follow Me on Social Media
  • 9. Check Out This Resource
  • 10. Endorse a Marketing Partner

6 Overcoming Objections Emails

As your audience reads your presell materials and the vendor’s sales page, they’re going to have a voice in the back of their head rattling off reasons why they shouldn’t purchase the offer. You can use these templates to overcome those objections and help move people towards the order button. Take a look…

  • 11. “It Won’t Work” (The Case Study Email)
  • 12. “It’s Too Expensive” (The Price Justification Email)
  • 13. “I Don’t Have Time” (The Easier, Faster Email)
  • 14. “Let Me Sleep On It” (The Act-Now Email)
  • 15. “I’m Already Using a Competing Offer” (The “Try This” Email)
  • 16. The Logic Email

5 Product-Launch Emails

When you promote a product launch, the vendor generally gives you the emails to do it. However, if you want to stand out from all the other vendors who’re promoting the same thing, then you’ll want to use these engaging templates to create unique product-launch promo emails. It’s fast, easy and really effective!

  • 17. The Prelaunch (Curiosity Arousing) Email
  • 18. The Prelaunch (Anticipation-Building) Email
  • 19. The Launch Day Email
  • 20. The Mid-Launch Reminder
  • 21. The “Last Chance” Email

6 Incentive (Bonus) Emails

One big key to your affiliate success is to add a bonus to your offer.These emails promote the main offer, but they also include a special emphasis on promoting your bonus product or service. What a great way to boost your conversions!

  • 22. The Bonus Product Email (1)
  • 23. The Bonus Product Email (2)
  • 24. The Coaching/Feedback Email
  • 25. The Tools Bonus
  • 26. The Limited Offer Bonus
  • 27. The Early Bird Bonus


10 Preselling Emails

These templates cover a wide variety of ways to presell an offer, from direct-response emails to “useful yet incomplete” informational emails. You’ll find emails to create how-to articles, FAQs, tips articles, product reviews and more!

  • 28. How-To Presell Email
  • 29. The FAQ Presell
  • 30. The Tips Presell
  • 31. The Gear List Presell
  • 32. The Product Review Presell
  • 33. The Product Comparison Presell
  • 34. The Testimonial Presell Email
  • 35. The Breaking News Presell
  • 36. The Checklist Presell
  • 37. The Cheat Sheet Presell

13 Special-Offer Emails

These are the emails you use to promote things like flash sales, BOGO offers, coupon codes, and more. Yes, vendors usually provide promo emails for this purpose, but you’ll stand out if you create your own emails (and these templates make it super easy to do).

  • 38. The Exclusive Offer Promo
  • 39. The Vendor Bonus Promo
  • 40. The BOGO Promo
  • 41. The Matching Credit Promo
  • 42. The Free Membership Upgrade Promo
  • 43. The Low-Cost Trial Promo
  • 44. The Payment Plan Promo
  • 45. The Retired Product/Clearance Promo
  • 46. The Holiday Promo
  • 47. The Last Chance Special Offer
  • 48. The Coupon-Code Promo
  • 49. The Flash Sale
  • 50. The Dime Sale Promo


As you can see, there’s a template for just about any occasion in this collection!

No matter what you’re selling, no matter what niche you’re in, there are plenty of emails in this collection that you can put to work for you to start growing your commissions.

I know you’re liking what you see. So now you have a question…


How Much Is It?


My goal today is to save you a ton of both time and money. That’s why if you act right now, you can get this entire collection of 50 email templates for just $97.

This is a really good deal, and here’s why…


Huge Problem!

If you had to create every single email in your affiliate business from scratch, you’d spend hours upon hours banging on your keyboard every week. And you still might not create these sorts of engaging emails.

If you outsourced this task, you’d be doling out at least $25 per email -- and likely more. Can you afford to do that for every single email you need to create? It’s a fast way to Broketown, especially if you’re just getting started.

And that’s why $97 is a great deal for this collection, and a great way to save both time and money.

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